Back up in operation

Our website has been down for some time now but we have it back up and in order again. We wish we didn’t have to take it down for so long but things come up in life and you just need to roll with the punches. But now that everything is squared away again we can begin doing things the way we used to. We can’t wait to be able to hear from all of you again. It will be so nice to be able to hear all of you once again the way we used to be able to. We’ve missed all of you so much that we are about to go crazy without you input.

Coming soon you will be able to not only interact with us like you used to be able to but you’ll also be able to interact with each other as well. This was the main reason we took the website down in the first place, to build this feature. Just a little longer now and we’ll be good as new. Talk to you all soon.