Our Fishing Reviews, Done Our Way

Fishing Reel ReviewsYou might be amazed at the number of review sites that can be found on the Internet. Most of the sites are simply put into place to help generate leads and calls to an affiliate program to help them make money. This is what makes us different than all the others. We have no affiliate program that we work for. We simply want to provide the best information in a completely unbiased manner to help you distinguish which fishing equipment you should use, but more importantly, which fishing gear you shouldn’t use. This is an extremely difficult task to do because often times these reviews can very easily be skewed due to bias or previous encounters with specific brands.

Our Unbiased Thoughts

With this being said we try our best to not let any bias get in the way of our reviews. We will often times have a third-party company send us year that is completely label free. Meaning we do not know which brand belongs to which specific piece of equipment. This helps us to more openly and honestly review each product with completely open eyes while not being affected by the name on the piece of gear. Another thing that helps distinguish us from many other review websites is the fact that we do not accept any fishing gear or equipment from any company who is trying to help in the promotion of their brand. Most review websites will simply take this gear and give them a good review in order to increase the amount of affiliate commission they can receive to the sales of specific products.

Catching A Fishing From Deep Sea BoatThis is another thing that sets us apart from other review websites. How we go about picking the gear we will test is through requests. On a quarterly basis we send out questionnaires to the subscribers of our site to find out what gear they are interested in seeing tested. The questionnaire starts broad but narrows and depending on the individual’s response. For example we will start with the broad subject of fishing reels or fishing rods. We will then narrow in whether someone would like to see fly fishing rods, surf fishing rods, bait casting reels or spinning reels. From then we will narrow in on either the length of the rod or the number of bearings/size of fishing reel. This helps us to slowly make our way down the funnel to see which product the majority of the people who are subscribed to our questionnaire interested in seeing.

From there we will have one of our technicians gather this data and crunch the numbers. Once the numbers of been crunched in the data has been analyzed we will have our product selection team to be tested based on the majority and popularity of the answers given through the questionnaire. These products will then be purchased and sent to the third-party company who is responsible for removing all labels or product identification pieces from each specific product. Once this is done the product is sent to us and our testing will begin. We have specific criteria or set of tests we will put each specific product through depending on its category in the type of fishing gear it is, this is something we adopted from another fishing tackle review site – profishinggearreviews.com. For example spinning reels and bait casting reels are both in the real category but they will be tested differently because they are two different types of reels.

Head to Head Testing

Fly Fishing Gear ReviewsWith this being said we will also compare various reels against each other. Like the example above we will test spinning reels versus bait casting reels for various tests to see which one can do were the most grueling gauntlet of abuse relative to the other. Often times these results bring us the most in depth data when it comes to revealing which product is truly superior relative to the other. With this being said, these types of tests are often times the most requested because generally speaking people are very interested and intrigued by head-to-head battles.

With all of this being said it is almost time for us to begin the release of our content. We had our team of analyzers and writers working tirelessly to get this data computed and transferred over into pieces of literature that can easily be understood and comprehended. Looking at the raw numbers often times can become very confusing but when these numbers are put into legible and understandable words it is often times extremely beneficial to all who read this data. So please stay tuned and look forward to the information we are going to be providing you starting in 2019. One more month of waiting for a lifetime of unique and intriguing data, provided to you by DMG-RAJ Fishing Tackle and Gear Reviews.

Back up in operation

Our website has been down for some time now but we have it back up and in order again. We wish we didn’t have to take it down for so long but things come up in life and you just need to roll with the punches. But now that everything is squared away again we can begin doing things the way we used to. We can’t wait to be able to hear from all of you again. It will be so nice to be able to hear all of you once again the way we used to be able to. We’ve missed all of you so much that we are about to go crazy without you input.

Coming soon you will be able to not only interact with us like you used to be able to but you’ll also be able to interact with each other as well. This was the main reason we took the website down in the first place, to build this feature. Just a little longer now and we’ll be good as new. Talk to you all soon.